For most people property ownership is the single largest investment they will ever make. It makes complete sense to approach this investment with maximum return in mind especially when selling. Drawing on our training and experience in marketing we will assist you in ensuring that your property has the foundations of any successful marketing strategy: appropriate pricing, effective promotion, an understanding of the competition +  target market for your home and a compelling product  (ensuring that your property offers the benefits and features that most of today's buyers are looking for). 

Property Pricing and Styling

In the last 4 years we have provided advice and detailed recommendations to over 22 properties. This advice has included everything from assisting investors in renovating distressed homes bought on auction to advising developers on what furniture to use in their rental units and which finishes to choose in their apartments. Depending on your requirements we provide everything from mood boards and floor plans to decor ideas, styling tips, costs effective minor renovations and even assisting owners in bringing out their properties true personality or choosing exterior colour schemes.

We also assist property investors in setting up AirBnB rental units, improving their existing AirBnB rental apartments and project managing upgrades on their behalf. We charge a R10 000 fee for our property consultation and report and offer Skype consulting to clients outside of Gauteng. A demo of one of these reports can be viewed by clicking here (as each property is unique, our reports do vary).

Property Marketing Consultant
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